Investing with Integrity.

A Day in the Life of Dave

I will freely admit that it has been a bit of an adjustment to transition from a fast paced corporate environment, to my fully equipped home office, but as time has gone on it is clear that the advantages are huge!  Having the discipline to get all of my work done has been fairly easy for me. From 8 degree weather to 68 degree weather, I can be found typing away at an economic and market update to send out to all of my contacts.  Reading up on the economy and financial markets is an interesting and enjoyable way for me to start any day.  I appreciate The Economist, Kiplinger Letter, and updates from BlackRock.  They keep me well informed!

Yes, I spend much of my day in my warm sweats, and have my fresh brewed iced tea always close by, but I am surprised by how quickly the hours roll by while looking at current portfolios, setting up appointments, and contacting clients and centers of influence.  Of course, there is always a bit of snacking – usually healthy and once in a while pure junk!

I do get out to meet clients and my estate planning attorneys at Commons and Commons, LLP.  I find that having intelligent and stimulating conversation during the day is important.

Late in the afternoon I take Lyft share to the gym for a rigorous workout with my trainer (who is bright, well-informed and challenging), and then the bus home to tie up any loose ends before starting dinner.  It is nice working my own schedule because I can slip out in the mornings to my favorite grocery store, Wegman’s, to stock up and eat well during the week.  Sometimes, I even take a little break to do some house cleaning. I take a lot of pride in my home.

I do have some meetings for church in the evenings, but most of that involvement takes place on the weekends.  I am currently a Deacon at the First Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia.  I also am working with the William Way LGBTQ Community Center to build awareness about all of their important programs in and around Philadelphia. Most meals I now make at home, and have a few friends over often to enjoy the fellowship.  I do enjoy a good meal out, and have a few favorite places in Center City, Philadelphia.  My other favorite restaurants are located in New Orleans, and Montreal!

I feel quite satisfied at the end of a busy day, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have so many ideal clients, and wonderful friends.  Friends and clients always intersect!



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